Our collection of circulating magazines can be borrowed by card holders and enjoyed by all users within the library. 

The magazine collection is identified in the card catalog by the call code Per, short for periodical.  Current issues of general interest magazines have a one day circulation period.  All back issues, youth, junior, and children's have 14-day circulation period.

  • Children's titles include:  National Geogrphic Little Kids, National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick Jr., and Ranger Rick.  Code E Per  identies these items in the card catalog.  Back issues are kept for five years. Find current and back issues in carols in the center of the children's area.


  • Junior and Youth titles include:  Sports Illustrated for Kids.  Code J Per or Y Per identies these items in the card catalog.  Back issues are kept for three years. Find current and back issues in the vertical files located at the center aisle of children's area advanced section behind the computer wall.


  • Titles produced for general readership inculde:  People, Time, Country Sampler, Magnolia Journal, Our Iowa, National Geographic, Mather Earth News, Consumer Reports, and many more!  These have the Per, with no preceding letters in the call code.  Back issues are retained for at least one year but for no longer than three years.  The most recent issue available is dispayed in the magazine section located along the north wall in the westside of the library.  Previous issues of the current year are stacked under the display location of the title.  Back issues predating the current year are located in the shelfving oppisite the magazine display.

An even larger selection of magazines is available digitally through the Bridges program to qualified library patrons.