Computers for public use are available at the library for all patrons. 

A library card or ID is not needed to use a computer.

Ask at the library desk to use a computer.

Public use computers are located on the library computer wall and in several study & meeting rooms. 

All computers have internet access and the Microsoft Office programming suite. 

Study & meeting room computers are Zoom ready and can be equipped with webcam, speakers, and microphone as needed.

Scanning and printing in black & white or color is available.  Click link Fax, Print, & More for more information.

Laptops are available for use in the library by Conrad Public Library card holders.

Ask at the library desk to checkout a laptop.

For more information on computer use, please see the applicable policies: Computer Use and Internet Access Policy 

                                                                                                                                  Laptop and Tablet Policy

Wi-Fi is available to the public on library grounds for use on their own devices.  The signal extends beyond the building for use after hours.  Select network Public Access and password Connect2me to use.